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Movie Review: 24 – It’s All About Suriya And A Time Machine

By Salil Sand / Published on Friday, 06 May 2016 13:39 PM / No Comments

suriya-0324 is all about Suriya, who essays 03 drastically different roles in the film, which is about a watch that can take the wearer back by 24 days.

Directed by Vikram K. Kumar, 24 is all about Athreya, Sethuraman and Manikandan. all three being played by Suriya. Sethuraman is a scientist who develops a watch which enables time travel. He is killed by his evil brother, Athreya, who wants the watch.

26 years later, Sethuraman’s son, Manikandan, who owns a watch shop and lives with his mom finally manages to find the keys to a box with 24 written on it. He has no idea what it is, but when he manages to open it, he is surprised to find a time travel watch.

Meanwhile, Athreya, who is now a paraplegic, wants the watch to go back in time and change his life. And this is where we see him go in search of the watch once again. What happens post this, is what the film is all about.

One needs to applaud Suriya for giving each of his roles a razor sharp edge. He effectively personifies the evil in Athreya and the intelligent simpleton in Sethuraman. As Mani, he’s young, suave, charismatic and stylish. The amount of hard work he has put in for the roles is evident on screen.

One also needs to applaud Vikram K. Kumar and his entire technical team for putting up a product like this on celluloid. With extremely high production values, superb special effects and cinematography by Thiru, each frame of the film is visually pleasing.

While Samantha Ruth Prabhu as Sathya looks gorgeous in the film, Nithya Menen has a cameo and has very little to do. As enjoyable as the film is, it is a tad too long. Its almost a 03 hour film and desperately needs a trim.

All in all, it’s actually brave of Surya to helm a film that goes back in time. Watch 24 for Suriya and also for it’s breathtaking visuals.

Rating: Two And A Half

Watch The Trailer Of 24:

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