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Movie Review: The Conjuring 2 – Very Close To The Original

By Salil Sand / Published on Friday, 10 Jun 2016 14:16 PM / No Comments

the conjuring-02Director James Wan, paranormal expert Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) are back, this time in London, with The Conjuring 2 and this time around they have a new terror to contend with.

The Conjuring 2 is all about A single mother of four, Peggy (Frances O’Connor), who is struggling to make ends meet when strange things start happening around her house, almost all of them centered around her younger daughter Janet (Madison Wolfe).

A voice of an old man keeps telling them to leave the house they are in. As expected, Peggy is not willing to leave the house and in walks Ed and Lorraine to investigate the paranormal. Consequently, there is a lot of media attention on the haunting as it becomes a more public affair, and all the noise and gossip surrounding the event adds a semblance of reality to the proceedings.

The storyline is simple and is a textbook haunted house tale laced with inexplicable movements of furniture, ghostly apparitions and much more. What essentially makes the film creepy is the director’s creations of how he presents the scares with such superb timing and flair.

The pauses are acute and last long enough for your own paranoia to rise and peak, before you can jump in get spooked. As far as actors are concerned, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are almost flawless. Their onscreen chemistry is indisputable as they once again portray characters that the audience can identify and empathise with.

The film is based on a true story about real people, but Wan and his actors are able to craft a compelling, and entertaining, version of events, making this horror movie a good one.

The Conjuring was one of my favourite films of 2013 and it’s sequel, The Conjuring 2, has lived up to it’s expectations. Do watch this one and get spooked.

Rating: Two And A Half

Watch The Trailer Of The Conjuring 2:

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